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Exam support

Exam time can be very stressful. It may feel like your whole future relies on these results and there may be pressure to do well.   With millions of things to think about and lots to remember, it can be difficult to know when and where to start. 


Here are some tips that may help:


  • Do a revision timetable which includes what you're going to study and when and stick to it!

  • Make sure you know when your exams are, where they are and what things you may need e.g a calculator. Put this somewhere you will remember and try and have these things ready the night before.

  • Find out how the exams are marked so you can get the most marks available. 

  • Leaving a day without revision can really help to refresh you and make you feel better about going back to your revision timetable.

  • Try and do some exercise during revision breaks, as this will help with your mood and concentration levels.

  • Tell your family about your revision time - and ask them for help if you need it - it may help make them like they are able to do something to help.


    Try and eat well and get enough sleep during exam time. This will help you feel better, improve your moods and help you deal with the stress. Make sure you eat before the exam. This will help with your concentration and help you to stay calm.

Advice and support

Your school and college have access to professional help and you should ask if you are concerned about yourself or a friend.  You may also find some useful help below.


Get Revising

Get Revising can help students learn by providing interactive tools to plan revision and make revision notes. It also provides a resource bank where notes and resources can be shared. Get Revising is completely free to use.


BBC Bitesize

A secondary school tool for students studying their GCSEs featuring written content, interactive content, audio, video and games.



Connexions is the careers service for young people.  They offer advice and guidance on finding a job, training course or apprenticeship in Leicester


Dealing with stress

Remember that most people feel stressed during exam time, everybody just deals with it differently. Some people find that exercise helps, or revising with friends makes it easier, or by being extra organised and making sure everything is planned out.



Provides advice about how to prepare for exams, how to recognise if stress is getting out of hand, and what to do about it.


The Samaritans

Provide confidential emotional support, 24 hours a day anyone affected by exams and the stress that comes with it. Telephone 0845 790 90 90.