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School Pick Up and Drop Off

If you are looking for a childcare professional to pick up or drop off your child at a school, playgroup or other early years setting, this directory can help you with your search.


How to use 

  • Select the setting of where you require a pick up / drop off service by using the drop down arrow and scroll bar.

  • Press search

  • A list of childcare professionals who have indicated that they may be able to pick up / drop off from the chosen setting will appear.

  • Press clear to start a new search.

Can't find what you are looking for? 

If the setting you require is not in the drop down list, this means that no childcare professionals have indicated that they are able to offer a service for that school or setting.


For further assistance, contact the Childcare Brokerage Officer on 0116 454 1100 or email family@leicester.gov.uk.