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Issues with your childcare provider

Most childcare providers (a nursery, childminder or playgroup) work hard to make sure that your child – and you – are happy with their service. Issues don’t come up often, but if they do, it’s important that you discuss them with your childcare provider, before they have a chance to become problems.


What to do if you’re unhappy about something

Talk to your childcare provider about it informally.  Many times, niggles and issues can usually be sorted out straight away, and are often simply down to a lack of communication or a misunderstanding.


If you are still not happy, you should then put your complaint formally in writing – your childcare provider will have an outline of how they deal with complaints. 


If you do not accept the outcome of this, you can then consider approaching external bodies such as a solicitor or Citizens Advice Bureau. However, this should be the last resort as this can be a difficult process and cause disruption to both you and your child.