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Preparing for the 30 hours offer

To help providers plan on the delivery of the extended hours, regular updates will be published here. 


30 hours eligibility checker

The HMRC portal is now open for parents to apply and check their eligibility for 30 hours free childcare. 


Please note that the eligibility code will need to be validated within 3 months of the date issued and is subject to termly re-confirmation checks. 


In addition to this, the eligibility will only start the term after the code has been issued and cannot start part way through a term.  Therefore, parents who wish to receive the offer in the Autumn Term 2017 will need to apply before 31 August 2017. 


If a parent has yet to make an application, the Planning tool offers a set of indicative questions which can help identify if the parent may be eligible.  If a parent wishes to claim the extended offer, they must then make an application through the portal to confirm eligibility. 


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