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Childcare Provider Profile Collection

The Childcare Act 2006 requires Leicester City Council to hold, maintain and share a range of information on the childcare services based with the city and to conduct a Childcare Sufficiency Assessment on an annual basis.


To assist the Council in meeting the requirements of the Act, all childcare providers are required to provide the minimum range of information set out in the Act. 


How is the information collected

The full range of information is online collected on an annual basis and all childcare providers will be prompted to renew their information. 



If your service information changes at any time after the full collection, complete:


How is the information used

The information is used to inforrm the general public of the childcare services available in the City.  It is also used to support the Council in carrying out statutory tasks such as understanding the childcare sufficiency levels and to the costs associated with it.


The Council will hold all personal information securely and will not publish or share the information with partner organisation without prior consent.   A copy of the Information Sharing Agreement is available to download.


Further Information

If you require any assistance with completing the online forms, contact the Family Information Service on 0116 454 1100.